Halloween Candy Corn Pillow Crochet Pattern

Here is a quick and easy, cute little Halloween pillow I made yesterday.

Materials needed:

  1. I used leftover Caron Simply Soft yarn which is worsted weight. Colors, white, Orange and yellow. I am sure that this can be made with any brand and size yarn that you would like to use.
  2. 4.0mm crochet hook
  3. Poly-fil ( can be purchased at most craft stores and Wal-mart)
  4. Needle

Pattern notes:

  1. The beginning chain 1 of each row does not count as a stitch.
  2. you can make the pillow larger or smaller easily by adding or subtracting rows. just follow the same increases at the beginning and end of each row.
  3. You will be making 2 triangles and then putting the pillow together

With the white yarn Chain 2

Row 1: 2 HDC in the second chain from the hook, Chain 1, turn

Row 2: 2 HDC in each of the HDC from the previous row ( 4 HDC total in this row), Chain 1, Turn

Row 3: 2 HDC in the First stitch, HDC across until you each the last stitch, Make 2 HDC in the last stitch.

  • From this row until the second last row you will be starting each row with 2 HDC in the first stitch and then 1 HDC in each stitch until you reach the last stitch, the last stitch of each row with have 2 HDC in it.

Rows 4 & 5: Continue with white

Rows 6 – 23: switch to orange and continue following the same increases

Rows 24 – 28 switch to yellow and continue following the same increases

Finish off, weave in the ends.

SC around the entire piece placing 3 SC in each corner, I used the colors that matched each color for the one I made.

Make the second triangle the same way as the first.


To put the pillow together, you can sew it together or use a SC join or any other way you would like.

I used a SC join

  1. With the wrong sides facing each other starting with the bottom row of orange join the orange yarn with a SC ( make sure you are placing each SC through both pieces)  and then SC evenly until you reach the white
  2. Switch to white, SC evenly on the side and then add 3 SC in the top corner, SC evenly on the side until you reach the orange, Switch to orange
  3. Continue to SC evenly with the orange yarn until you reach the yellow.
  4. With Yellow SC evenly until you reach the bottom corner, place 3 SC in the corner, make 3 more SC, pull up a large loop
  5. Add the Poly – Fil to the pillow at this point
  6. SC across the rest of the bottom and then place 3 SC in the next corner, Continue placing them evenly until you reach the orange, Slip stitch to join

finish off






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