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W.I.P. Wednesday

So many WIPs…..

The past week I have been working on some shawls….

No, it’s not a stingray…… it’s a shawl.

I am a huge fan of Outlander, I love listening to the audiobooks while I am knitting or crocheting. I was so excited when I found the Facebook group, Outlander Pattern Central. They have the best knit and crochet patterns from the T.V series.

This one should resemble Claire’s striped shawl from season 4.

A few weeks ago I was having a really strange dream, I can’t tell you what the dream was about because I have no clue. I can tell you that in the dream I was wearing a really cool looking shawl. After I woke up I started working on making a shawl like the one I was wearing in the dream. I finally figured it out.

I should be finished with it in a few more days. I only have 4 more rows to go and then I will need to put the finishing touches on. I think I will call this one the Summer dream shawl.

Yesterday I started on another shawl I am not sure what it will be when I am finished.

Subscription Yarn Box Review- Darn Good Yarn Box Month 2

I was pretty excited to finally have a chance to open my second monthly subscription yarn box from darn good yarn.

The first thing that struck me when I opened the box was a nice floral scent.

I Love the colors of this recycled silk yarn.

The box also came with a cute little pouch. This is perfect to hold crochet hooks and small scissors.

Each box comes with a knit and crochet pattern for the yarn. Because I am still learning to knit and my knitting skills are lacking, I went with the crochet pattern.

I absolutely love how my pouch turned out. This is the perfect size to use as a cell phone holder.

Click here to order a subscription yarn box.

Click here to see the review for the first months yarn box.

Thoughts about Darn Good Yarn customer service.

I was out of town for a few weeks this month so I didn’t get to open my box right away. I did have a little glitch in the system along the way the way. I attempted to change billing date for a few days later so I would be home to receive my box. The day after I changed the date I noticed that I had the box for month 2 on the way and I was scheduled for the box for month 1 to be shipped also. I contacted customer service via the web chat and they fixed the issue immediately.

The Clay Purl, A Hidden Gem in Nashville, Indiana

Tucked away in Nashville, Indiana’s Antique Alley you will find a yarn lovers dream, The Clay Purl. Not only do they have their own line of hand spun yarns, they also have other amazing locally sourced yarn. In addition to the expected needles and hooks, you will also find the most unique accessories made from repurposed knitting needles. My personal favorites are the shawl pins.

When I first walked in I was just amazed at how many choices they have available. I will let you enjoy the pictures of all of the beautiful yarn that I discovered in the Clay Purl. Don’t forget to click the link to their website and the free pattern links below the pictures.

They even have pictures of the alpaca that supplied some of the yarn.

Of course, I couldn’t resist picking up some of their beautiful yarn for myself. Now I just need to decide what to make.

Click here To find out more about The Clay Purl.

You won’t want to miss out on all of their Free Patterns.

The Clay Purl Banner Project.

Don’t forget to make a Clay Purl banner with you when you visit. You will receive a discount on your purchase. Click on the links below for the free Clay Purl Banner patterns.

Click here for the Crochet banner pattern.

Click here for the Knit Banner Pattern

To find out more information about the other amazing shops in Nashville, Indiana Click Here.

There is even a place to drop off your husband while you enjoy the Clay Purl.