It’s been nuts…..

It has been pretty busy around here ever since the Holiday’s. I did have time to design a few more patterns. I am really excited about my newest addition to the bobble stitch family, the “Squirrelly” collection .

I just finished up this twin sized bedspread this afternoon. I am calling this one Feeling Squirrelly. If you are interested in this pattern it is available online at my Ravelry Page.

I also have a king size version in the works. It’s going to take me a while to finish up this one.

In addition to the squirrels I am also working on a Rainbow baby blanket pattern, I should have this one ready to go in a few more weeks.

In addition to my own new designs I am also working on a dragon fly blanket. This one isn’t my own design, I did make several changes to the original pattern that I will share with you as soon as I am finished with it.

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  1. starka2004

    I really like the rainbow baby blanket. Even my older kids would enjoy something like that. I usually like smaller projects, but your pictures have me wanting to try something bigger. Thanks, Candice

    1. Kris

      The Rainbow Blanket works up fairly quickly. It just takes a few rounds to get a rhythm down so you don’t get the skeins tangled

  2. Kirsten

    Not even kidding, I LOVE the 🐿 bed spread!

    1. Kris

      Thanks Kirsten. I have a thing for squirrels and bobble stitch.

  3. susielindau

    That’s amazing! I can’t even knit!

    1. Kris

      I have been crocheting for years. I finally got the hang of knitting a few months ago.

    1. Kris

      Thank you so much!

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