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WIP Wednesday

So many WIPs so little time. My creative juices were overflowing last weekend. I sat down to work on a new Christmas design and I ended up with a few dozen other ideas. It is no secret that I love the Bobble stitch. I have so many larger bobble stitch design that I need to work up. My biggest problem is decking which one to work on first. Instead of working in a bigger project I decided to break some of them down and work up some dishcloth patterns instead.

I finished the 8th note and one of the new heart designs yesterday.

I still need to add the edging and weave in the ends on this one……

I started out today with a ghost dishcloth. If all goes as planned I will finish this and three or four more by the end of the day.

As soon as I get them finished I will write up the patterns and the PDF will be available on my Ravelry Page.