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Free Crochet Christmas Wreath Patterns

Santa and Stockings

Snowflake Wreath

Seasons Greetings Wreath

Layered Leaves Wreath

Crochet Wreath

Candy Cane

Christmas Wreath

Free Hanukkah Crochet Patterns

Here are some wonderful free Hanukkah patterns that I stumbled on recently.

Menorah Pillow

Hanukkah Set


Hanukkah Banner

Gift of Gelt


Star of David


Free Christmas Hat Patterns

I hope you enjoy all of these free hat patterns as much as I have. Just click on the link above the picture to go to the pattern site.

Jingle Bell Hat

Bumble Hat

FaLaLa Hats

Striped Elf Hat

Trees Go Round

Snow People Hat

Light Me Up Tree Hat

Santa Hat

Reindeer Hat