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Adventures in Knitting

Last month I finally caught on to knitting. I figured the best way to get down the knit stitch was to make a few things with it.

I started with the scarf that I posted about in my Learning to Knit post. I just finished it the other day. It took me a while because I had set it aside to work on an Afghan.

My first knit scarf!!!

The Afghan I mentioned above is for my daughter. This was a fantastic way to make sure that I have the knit stitch down and a great stash buster.

Now that I have the knit stitch down I am moving on to purl. I just started my first hat yesterday. I am using the Easy-Fit Ribbed Hat Pattern free from Red Heart. So far it is going pretty good. We will see what happens when I get to the decreases.

Free Knit Christmas Stocking Patterns

Here are some wonderful Knit Christmas Stocking Patterns that I have found. Some of these patterns are way more advanced than I am capable of with my knitting skills. They are motivating me to keep practicing.

Cascade Christmas Stocking

This Silent Night Pattern was designed to go with the above Cascade Christmas Stocking Pattern as an alternative design.

Ho Ho Ho Stocking

Magi B Stocking

Here is one that is a good beginner pattern.

Basic Christmas Stocking

Striped Stocking

Jumbo Stocking

Two Needle Stocking