Free Knit Christmas Dishcloth Patterns

Here are a few of the amazing free knit dishcloth patterns I have found recently.

Polar Bear Scrubby

Santa Belly Scrubby

The Santa Cloth


Holiday Mitten

Christmas Tree

Angel Cloth

Gift Scrubby

Baby Snowman

2 thoughts on “Free Knit Christmas Dishcloth Patterns

  1. Hi, I’m so excited.your let it snow scarf is the 1st pattern in 40yrs that I have been able to follow. I love the scarf! I think I found an error however. It is for 62. It seems to be missing? I am going forward, it just confused me for a bit. If I’m wrong I’m sorry. If not can it be corrected? I appreciate your time!

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    1. Good catch! I must have forgotten how to count that day! I just looked over the pattern. The snowflake from that section should turn out just fine. I just skipped a number. I will fix it shortly. Thank you telling me.


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