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Free Christmas Dishcloth Patterns

Here are some cute Christmas Dishcloth patterns I have found. I love small quick projects when I need a break from the larger ones.

Snowman Dishcloth

Christmas Dishcloths

Christmas Tree Dishcloth

Snowman Dishcloth

Wreath Dishcloth

Dishcloth Angels

Lollipop Swirl

Elf Dishcloth

Reindeer Dishcloth

8 thoughts on “Free Christmas Dishcloth Patterns

  1. How am I able to access the free Christmas dishvmcloth patterns sboce and also the free dog hatt patterns. I can’t seem to find them.

    1. Click on the link above each picture to go to that pattern.

      1. I have done that with the patterns that have the link but some don’t. Im frustrated and will have to look for free patterns elsewhere. This site is not easy to use.

      2. Which link is not working for you? I have just checked all of them and they appear to be working from my end.

      3. Which patterns do not have a link?

    2. The links seem to be working fine for me. You may need to update on your phone or computer.

  2. Very nice ! is this your own work?

    1. The Christmas tree and the Lollipop swirl patterns are my designs. The rest are free patterns that I found.

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